Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Repairs for a friend...

This is some jewelry I repaired for one of my good friends!
All the things were all broken, like the beads were off the string and there were missing clasps. Things like that.

~Olivia Christine

(I was paid for repairing this jewelry)


Jean Marie said...

That's great, Livy! It looks like you did a really nice job with it! :) Love you.
~ Jean Marie

Olivia Christine said...

Yeah, the repairs were for the Carrs. Beryl's neclaces and Mrs. Carr's things that clip to a watch head. They liked them.... I am glad!
~Olivia Christine

Shannon said...

Hey Olivia!
You did a great job on the repairs,
hope you have a blessed day!

~ Shannon

Anonymous said...

do you do pretty good making jewelry?
I've been thinking about sewing for a home business, but didn't know how well it paid.