Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Year Anniversary! YEAH!

This is the one year anniversary blog post! Can you say blog header voting! :D










Please post in a comment of which picture you would like to win. The voting will end on the 3rd of October. Thank you! God bless!

~Olivia Christine


Laura said...

Hearty and huggy congratulations!
It has been a delight to do business with you and dangle your creations from my ears!
I vote for #9 even though it doesn't really keep with the "Beads of the Field" idea....
more like "Beads of the Kitchen", or "Gourmet Beads" :)
I love your kitchen tile backsplash and the linear lines of the whisk...
one of my fave kitchen tools.
Beautiful, cool and most creative is #9! #9! #9! #9! Go #9!

{{* *}} loves OCS

Breenie said...

Hi Olivia~
I like 1,2&4!
Miss you!

Jean Marie said...

Oh my goodness, Livvy, these are ALL so pretty and you did a great job with the cute themes that matched! :) I must say, though, my complete and utter favorite is - Number 1. It just captures my attention and the colors are gorgeous. :) Number 1 has five stars from me! Number 4 is very elegant, and number 9 is a fantastic idea, how cute is that? :)

Love you, dear.
~ Jean Marie

Jean Marie said...

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to the Beads of the Field!!! :D
~ Jean Marie

Peter&Hannah said...

Oh I like 4, 6 and 9!!!

Emily Elizabeth said...

I'm going to vote for #2 and #8

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

number 2

Shannon said...

Hi Olivia!

All of the pictures are great,it is hard to decide! But I think that my favorite would have to be the second one. Hope you have a blessed day!


Becca Elizabeth said...

no.2 is my favorite.... and no. 4 is really pretty too!

Wow you have really had your blog for a year! Cool!

Love you Livie!

Mrs. Burnsed said...

Olivia, you are so talented! But if I had to put the pics in order it would be 2,8,& 9.
Congrats on your 1 year anni!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I voted on Anna’s header, and my second favorite won. I don’t think that my favorite’s going to make it this time, either.

The important thing is that I like #5 best. All the rest of the comment is explanation, so you can skip it if you like.

I chose #5 because it really focuses on the uniqueness of your jewelry, because the lettering is appealing and easy to read, and because it has a great mix of old and new elements, which hints at the versatility of your design (“Whatever fits you” and all that).

#1 was too hard to read, alas! If we didn’t know your name, we… wouldn’t know your name. I did so like the color.

#2 and #3 didn’t give us any reason to buy your jewelry instead of the next person’s. Too “standard” for a header.

#4’s earrings were lovely! (if I had pierced ears, I’d buy them), but the lettering feels disconnected from the photo.

The first thing you see, when you look at #6, #7 and #8 is a rose on a piano. Oh, yeah. There’s jewelry, too, isn’t there? The lettering’s great, though.

#9 is good, but after #5 it looks a little too subdued. And, in my opinion, #9 says “blog”, while #5 says “business”.

Just my opinion!

With love,
Mandy Kaylon

Olivia Christine said...

I vote number one and number five.

The Stone Family said...

I vote Number Three!

Anonymous said...

#1, and #7

Anonymous said...

#3, #1

Anonymous said...

#3, #9, #1