Friday, July 24, 2009

Lovely set, if I do say so myself...

Pearl, Silver, Gold, & Crystal

~Olivia Christine


Becca Elizabeth said...

Very pretty, Liv!

I just listened to all the music in your playlist...I really enjoyed it! Dark waltz is so pretty..and Long Black Train by Josh Turner, is one of my favorite songs ever!!!

Love you, hugs!

Laura said...

Hi Olivia! It's Michelle here!
I really enjoy looking at this picture.
My Mom and I think it is the nicest picture posted so far.
And I must agree with Becca about Long Black Train,
it is a nice song to have on your blog.

Olivia Christine said...

I am glad you like it, Michelle! It is so nice to have you comment on my blog, I think it is your first time! :)
God bless!
~Olivia Christine

Shannon said...

Hi Olivia!
The jewlery that you make is beautiful! And I really like your blog. May the Lord continue to bless you.
His Servant and your sister in Christ,