Sunday, May 9, 2010


Our friend Molly Nolden came down from Illinois, she said she liked the outfit she was waring so much that she asked me to take her on a photo shoot. These are the pictures I got. I love them! :D She is so sweet! :D

Sorry couldn't flip this one. :)

I love this one! :D

Thanks for looking! :D


Anonymous said...

Looks like you two had a really fun time, Olivia! I love your perspective when you take pictures! When are you going to do a photo shoot with me? I love your pictures!
Mom <3

Molly said...

YAAAAYY!! :D I still love how these pictures turned out...thanks for posting them!

I have a question, do you get the 'aged' filters on the pictures? I've been looking for filters for my Photoshop but haven't had any luck lately...

Shannon said...

Too cute! I love photo shoots, using imagination and photography at the same time. Thank you for sharing! Hope to see you soon!

Your Sister In Christ,

Laura said...

I am sorry I missed Molly's visit.
I think she would have reminded me of me
when I was a wee gal.
I am glad you caught the tall lavender flowers
before they were
Those pics are my faves.
Hello Miss Molly.
Mrs. Lynn
{{* *}}

Jean Marie said...

Sweet pictures, Livvy!! Molly is such a dear girl. :) My favorites are #7 and #15!!! :D Good shots!

~ Jean Marie

Isaac said...

I know Molly had a good time, Olivia! Thanks for taking her out for pictures.