Friday, November 14, 2008

Silver Earrings

Blue & Pearl

~Olivia Christine


Joseph H. said...

Wow, I got the very first comment! I feel honored. Very nice earrings, too bad I'm not in the market. ;)

Olivia Christine said...

Yay! Joseph, you win a dollar for being the first to comment on my blog!!!! Thank you!! I hope to see you soon! Bye!

~Olivia Christine!

Becca F. said...

Beautiful blog!!!!
And Beautiful earings!!!
I want a pair :)
P.S thanks for coming over today,it was a lot of fun with you, Johnny and Audrey:)

Olivia Christine said...

Thank you, Becca! I had a fun time with you to. Hope to see you soon!

~Olivia Christine